Proposal for a monument in Otaniemi as a tribute to Alvar Aalto.

Finlandia Talo, an icon of Finnish architecture and a masterpiece by the renowned Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto. [1] However, several design flaws surfaced over the years. Balconies on the upper level muffle the sound. The exterior Carrara marble cladding was thin and began to curve. The thin slabs of Carrara marble used for the exterior, which have not held their form and have had to be replaced with thicker ones. The restoration works were finished in 1998, but in 2006 the marble has started to curve again. [2]

Although Finlandia Talo is one of the best known buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, many design flaws have surfaced over the years. By placing a small scale replica of the facade of Finlandia Talo in a central location in Otaniemi, I want to emphasize on the fact that even the most iconic persons make their mistakes. At the same time I don't just want to point out Alvar Aalto's errors: Finlandia Talo is still a beautiful building that no-one should be ashamed of.
A tribute to Alvar Aalto that serves as a reminder that 'everybody makes mistakes'.

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[2] http://architectuul.com/architecture/finlandia-hall