Exit Through the Loophole Festival

exit through the loophole – is an experimental multi media performance festival, inviting
you to celebrate with us togetherness, collaboration, care and hospitality.
The sight of a woman standing on street corners is met with some well-intentioned
Or perhaps, it is the need for action and swift evacuation.
Though, I neither feel out of place nor aimless.
Does the unfamiliar always have to feel like a threat?
Shubhangi Singh
Loopholes are everywhere, we just need to find them! But not to hide – to make visible
what is overlooked!

We need more shining loopholes in dark alleys, more sounds for our voices to be loud,
more shapes and words to be understood, more togetherness to not get lost!
Five artists, Shubhangi Singh, Marloes van Son, Hikari Nishida, Elina Nissinen, Gladys
Camilo will collaborate with each other for one evening, creating performances with
experimental sounds, visuals and words, culminating in a dance celebration together with
the audience!

The program will start on the 22nd of October 2021 at 5pm so we can dance until 10pm
when it is time to leave the Vapaantaiteentila space in Kallio.
Come and celebrate with us!


varialambo ( Varia Sjöström & Hatz Lambo) – your hosts for this night

Picture by Alex van Giersbergen

Pictures by Paola Jalili