Instruments @ Morphine Records

Participated in the Instrument Makers Meet Musicians series by Morphine Records on October 18th:

* with Zoe Mc Pherson, DJ Die Soon and Tony Elieh *

Instruments: Makers Meet Musicians To Explore The Potentials of D.I.Y.
Anyone familiar with the instrument building scene knows the hardship of development and implementation, beyond the original ideas, of the instruments themselves. We do evolve in our practices and with us, also our tools.
Morphine Records is hosting a 10 days program throughout October 2021, involving 10 different custom made Music Instruments, where the builders and owners of these instruments will meet with a selection of musicians to discuss, explore and test different approaches to how these instruments are used, and attempt to discover new ways, new languages that might (or not) go beyond the original intention behind building these sonic machines.
Morphine Raum, the new studio and workshop space of Morphine Records, will become the temporary home for these sound devices that are especially made for a set of skills. The meeting on each of the events’ dates, will give us the chance to know more about the intentions, methods, needs and quests of these musicians to develop a different approach than most other musicians in the world.
The format of the event will be open, with no expectations for a full performance or musical outcome, rather a productive meeting between musicians coming from different backgrounds, trying to explore further potentials of the D.I.Y scene.